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Do you have unfiled tax returns?

Have you fallen behind on filing tax returns?  Did something happen in your life that caused you to not file a tax return?  Then the following year, you weren't sure if filing would raise a flag that you had missing tax returns, so you didn't file again?  Perhaps the IRS requested that you file a tax return?  Or they may have prepared a tax return for you called a "Substitute for Return". 

Keep in mind that the IRS does not take into account the actual deductions and credits that you should be allowed.  In fact, the Substitute for Return that the IRS prepares will most likely calculate a much higher tax due.  Also, if the IRS prepares a Substitute for Return, the tax due is nondischaragable in bankruptcy.

Hopp Accounting & Tax Service can prepare your back tax returns and ensure that you have taken advantage of all of the tax loopholes and credits allowable by law.  If you owe tax, we can help you analyze the options to resolve any tax debt once and for all.

Call us for a Free Consultation.  Our Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and EAs will review your tax situation and potential strategies to resolve your tax problems.

When a tax return should have been filed, but was not filed, there is no limit on the length of time the IRS can collect that tax (and the penalties and interest will compound the problem quickly).


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